survive quarantine

9 Things I Do To Survive Quarantine

Well, ‘survive’ is a stretch. If you know me even a little bit, you will not be surprised to hear that I am thoroughly enjoying quarantine time. In fact, every lockdown extension the Spanish government issues, fills me with creativity, ideas and possibilities. So much time, so little distractions! Obviously, the causes as well as Read More

wake up early

Why I Wake Up Early in the Morning

Open any book on the topic of productivity, business or financial success and you will find it. Successful people wake up early in the morning. Since I am a morning person, that is music to my ears. Waking up early is a key strategy for succes! Hurray! But why? I listed four reasons why waking Read More

Deena Kastor, Let Your Mind Run

While writing part 2 of the Best Personal Growth Books I Read in 2019 series, I realized this book needs a review on its own. Or not a review, really. A song of praise. This is a must-read for every runner (or other sports fanatics), but contains many ever so important universal truths as well. Read More

Achieve Any Goal

How to Achieve Any Goal You Set Your Mind to

If you are interested in this blog, you probably have loads of them too: GOALS. Big, lofty, scary goals. Goals so humongous that they seem very, very far away. Inaccessible, unreachable, like dreams. But you have probably heard this one before too: goals are dreams with deadlines. Now I am not too fond of putting deadlines on dreams. But Read More

My Running Plans & Goals for 2020

My Running Plans & Goals for 2020

It is no secret running has changed. my. life for the better in 2019. Next to the obvious physical changes (hello energy, fitness and strength, and hello Summer body), what really kept me going were the mental changes running requires (hello perseverance, discipline and positive self talk). Therefore, running will undoubtedly again be an important Read More

best books

Best Personal Growth Books I Read in 2019 (part 1)

After graduating university it took a while (2 years, actually) for me to get my reading mojo back. But right now, I would not know what to do without my books. I have switched completely to non-fiction, because there is just SO MUCH TO LEARN. (I elaborated earlier on why I became I reader of personal Read More

2020 goals

My Goals for 2020

If you know me, you know I love all things planning. New Year’s resolutions have been mahh thingg for as long as I can remember. Last year I poured them into the form of daily ten words and DuoLingo practice. Besides, reading and watching Spanish movies will definitely help tremendously in building confidence to speak. So who Read More

half marathon training

How I Ran a Half Marathon With 4 Months of Training

A half marathon, without even having run a 5k continuously before. I didn’t believe I would actually do it. A friend asked me to take up the challenge over mojitos and piña coladas, and since I was considering getting back into running, I said ‘yes’. At the time, the half marathon in Málaga was four Read More

learned in 2019

What I Learned In 2019

That I am not a consistent blogger, that’s for sure. I started and forgot all about my Happiness Project TWICE this year. Even though it was the reason I picked up blogging again, so enthusiastically, back at the end of 2018. But what I also learned in 2019 is that I will always want to Read More

August 16-31: Treat Yo’ Self // Self Care

It’s October already, I know. But the lateness of this post comes with a good reason, because treat yo’ self is a Commandment to think about (find all Twelve Commandments here). I haven’t fully tackled finances yet, so I can’t just go out and treat mah self to all the beauty products, for example. Which, admittedly, was kinda the idea when Read More

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