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As has been the case since forever, my studies are the reason for not updating the blog as much as I want to. Now I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but I do feel like I need to keep you guys a little informed about that as well. Also because I’ve got some nice study-trip-to-the-British-Museum-in-London pictures left to show you haha.

Actually, those little fun trips to great places with great museums with great antiquity collections are the thing that keep me going at the moment. London is already quite a while ago (February), but I went to Cologne recently and there is probably more fun to come during Summer (nothing planned yet though). As some of you know (or might have guessed by now), I’m studying ancient history, and my focus is on ancient Greek art. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s say it involves a lot of research and – hurray – traveling to all those beautiful ancient Greek archaeological sites and accompanying museums (check out my posts on our road trip through Greece here).

At the moment, I’ve finally (almost) reached the last stage of my masters: writing a thesis. Since my masters program focuses on doing research, a thesis is kinda like the icing on the cake. Contrary to students from other master programs – who often look up against that horrible thesis – research is what I have been trained for, what I love to do most, and what I’ve been looking forward to for six years. So you can say I’m pretty damn excited!

Right now, I’ve still got a smaller research paper and a course on Ancient Greek to finish (the latter of which is horribly difficult and exhaustive by the way), but on the sideways (is that a proper saying?) I’ve already started on my thesis. Next September, it will be full-time-thesis-time and I’m looking forward to that more than ever. So yes, I’m adding another six months to my studies, and I think that was one of my best planning decisions ever, ‘cause the pressure for a fantastic thesis is ON and I just need time to take it easy now.

I’ll probably tell you more about the subject of my thesis in the future, but for now, let’s pray Summer comes sooner rather than later. And tell me, what are you guys up to right now? And do you have any plans for Summer?

marble floor

London British Museum

Cat British Museum

Meow <3

London British Museum

Venus British Museum

Just a little did you know: Any ancient sculpture of a naked female is in all probability meant to represent Aphrodite/Venus, goddess of Love. Who, by the way, is the mommy of Eros/Cupid, that chubby boy with the bow and arrow (who wasn’t chubby in Antiquity, that’s a Renaissance idea).


Relief British Museum

It’s all in the details. And as my friend said well: “Look! He’s flying a Hema smoked sausage!” – Dutchies will understand hihi.

Ancient penis rings

They had everything in Antiquity, even penis rings. Why don’t they sell replicas of these in museum shops?


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  • mei 15, 2016 - 5:20 pm | Permalink

    Ik vind de ancient greek (ik kom spontaan niet meer op de correcte vertaling) zó interessant. Succes met je thesis!

    • Merel
      mei 29, 2016 - 11:41 am | Permalink

      Ehm, ik moet zeggen dat het in het Nederlands minder spannend klinkt, maar: de Oude Grieken? ;) Dankjewel voor je leuke bericht!

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