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Learn 10 New Words a Day // Daily Habits

Happy 2019 everyone! Hopefully you haven’t fallen off the bandwagon with your New Year’s resolutions already. If you did, read on, because jumping back on may be easier than you think. Because I admit, I finished Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge (this month’s Book Club book) already quite some time before the new year started. I just Read More

January: Never Stop Learning // Spanish

Don’t judge, but I’ve been living on Gran Canaria for almost two years now (April 21st is my GC anniversary) and I don’t speak a word of Spanish. Yes, I can say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, in formal and informal ways. I can order a glass of wine, even specify the color and flavor (important things first, Read More

The Happiness Project

The Twelve Commandments

How to give shape to a Happiness Project? What is happiness and how do you gain more of it? According to the multiple definitions of ‘happiness’ researchers and philosophers have been adopting, we apparently barely comprehend the term. However, in Gretchen Rubin’s words: “Even people who can’t agree on what it means to be ‘happy’ can Read More

The Happiness Project

Happiness. I’ve never given it a lot of thought. I always considered myself quite a happy human being. With a happy life, a happy boyfriend, and two happy cats. Why think about happiness? I think the happiness-thoughts started to come after we (that is: happy me, happy boyfriend and the two happy cats) moved from Read More

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