beach basics

I don’t even know if ‘beach basics’ is a real thing, but at least now you’re going to see mine! Actually, they’re not really related to the beach, they’re just basics in general, but they worked really well for me during our evening stroll on the Turkish beach a few weeks ago haha. Gosh, you can’t believe how much I miss this (oh well, probably you do, ‘cause who is not missing Summer already?). I had a really unproductive week – or at least it feels like that – ‘cause I’ve been dragging myself from the library to class, from meetings to work, trying to get some homework, blogging and household stuff done in between. But even though I got a lot of stuff done, it has left me unsatisfied. Maybe I need to change something about my perspective on things (my perfectionism gets in the way every now and than, anyone’s with me on that?) or maybe I’ve got to make a fresh new start tomorrow morning. Let’s say I do both.

beach basics

merely Merel

Side beach

beach basics

beach basics

T-SHIRT – similar | H&M
SHORTS – probably also really comfy | H&M
SUNNIES | vintage via Episode

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  • september 14, 2015 - 7:21 am | Permalink

    Prachtige foto’s! Je ziet er echt top uit!

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