Don’t know exactly where to find what you’re looking for? Maybe this little category-explanation will guide you through Merely Merel!

It’s not my main field of expertise, but every now and then, I’d like to share something about my personal beauty routine or favorite products. I’m especially interested in hair and nails.

About everything that has to do with me accomplishing my DZP goals, find the list here.

Basically everything you can imagine that deals with clothes falls under this category (but mostly wish lists and outfit inspiration), except for the pictures of my own outfits, which are headed under a separate category.

When I’m at a good place, this is about my own achievements in the gym. When I’m not, it’s about the achievements of others (or about me drooling over some new running tights).

Kind of the same thing goes for this category, which should be mainly about healthy stuff, but which in reality is mostly about me going out to lovely places to shove some real delicious things in my face. So yeah, recipes, restaurant reviews, and tips about how to loose weight are all represented nicely together here.

This actually is a really straightforward category. It covers newly bought items, inspiration posts and wish lists.

About my private granny-life, which I’m trying very hard to transform to something trending. Believe me, you’ll see.

Okay, who can describe what lifestyle is? Exactly, no one. This is basically a category dealing with the most important aspects of how I live my life (the ones that are not covered by the other categories), such as interior, planning and organizing (gosh, how I love that), blog-related stuff, and some solitary posts about things I love, such as photography.

Not the most used, but still the central category here on Merely Merel. It’s a personal style diary after all.

Except for some in-between posts about various topics dealing with my personal life, this category mainly includes weekly photo diaries.

I go on holidays and little getaways a lot and what results from dragging my DSLR with me all day ends up here on the blog. Most of my travels are in some way related to my studies (Art History and Ancient Studies), so expect a lot of art, musea and archaeological sites. Oh, and beaches and palmtrees (to balance out the serious stuff).

Do I need to say more?

Hope you like Merely Merel’s content and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations!

Updated on October 10, 2015

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