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EARRINGS €9,95 | TOP €19,99 | SUNGLASSES €9,95 | WATCH €19,99 | SHORTS €24,99 | BAG €24,99 | SNEAKERS €19,99 Festival season is officially here! We Dutchies already had the chance to attend two national free festivals (Kingsday and Liberation Day) so I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t wait to celebrate read more »


O.M.G., remember this post from April last year? Exactly, here it is, that beautiful €200,- H&M suede jacket. I’m the luckiest bastard on earth, ‘cause my colleague bought it secondhand (but completely new!) on Marktplaats for only €50,- and since she doesn’t like the fit, she sold it to ME. To me! Happiest girl ever! read more »


Summer bodies are made in Winter, YES I KNOW. But I failed to do anything during winter, so I adopted this new motto, which is extremely suitable for lazy bastards like me, and it runs (HAHA, great wordplay) as you had probably already predicted: Summer bodied are made in Spring. Yeah! That being said, I’m read more »


Today, I’m off to Spain for some well-deserved SLEEP and catch-up time with my two besties and the boyfriend. Besides them, what could be better company than some kick-ass, summer printed, silky sleek, easy breezy comfy clothes? When I visited H&M the other day, I didn’t even know where to look; sooo much fun and read more »


Merel says hi from Greece! I’ll show you aaaaalllll the beautiful pics I’m taking here soon, but for now, you’ll have to be satisfied with pics from the latest addition to my wardrobe (which comes in verrrry handy here too): this kinda-oversized denim jacket from Bershka I told you about earlier. Hope to shoot an read more »


From our “own” Dutchie Anita (@Fashionattacks), to the “clean” photography of Souraya (@Sourayanadine). And from the girl whose name I wish I’d had (Merle from @Minimalism___) to the fat cat “speaking” through his own hilarious account (@Fatcatmarco). These are my current Instagram faves. For inspiration, motivation, envy, or just to have a laugh. Hope you read more »


SHIRT €12,99 | JEANS €39,99 Yesterday, I finally found a quick moment to visit the new Bershka store in Utrecht. Utrecht is getting better and better now (imagine we once didn’t have a Zara, Mango, Monki and H&M Men, whuutt), I can’t wait for more cool stores to arrive. Anyway, I managed to only take read more »


BLOUSE €30,- Monki | BRA €14,99 H&M | BOTTOM €6,99 | JEANS €43,72 Asos | SHOULDER BAG €39,99 H&M | PASSPORT COVER €14,99 H&M | NIKE AIR MAX €139,99 Zalando My Greece trip is coming closer and closer and I feel like I need to start preparing myself. Luckily, everyday, study deadlines decrease in number, read more »


NIKE AIR MAX 1 CROCO €134,95 via Zalando | NIKE AIR MAX 1 ESSENTIAL €134,99 via Pro Shoes It’s probably going to be one of these! I’m on the lookout for some cool Nike-ish to take with me to Greece (which is coming clooooose, woah). Of course, I could take my Converse or other Nikes, but read more »


Even though I completely understand the romanticness of lace, I’ve never been one to wear it (except, of course, for lingerie, but right now I mean ‘normal’ clothing with lace). But while going through all the lookbook outfits of Sheinside, I couldn’t help but falling in love with this lace top. It has the perfect read more »