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SHIRT €43,83 Asos | SKIRT €24,99 H&M | SANDALS €75,- &OtherStories | NECKLACE €3,99 H&M | BRA €29,- &OtherStories | HAT €19,- &OtherStories | LIPSTICK €15,- &OtherStories Wish I’ll ever feel confident enough to rock this ocher yellow skirt. I’ve been looking for a perfect pencil skirt so I’ll always have this to-go-to piece for read more »


Well, I guess I can start with posting my birthday gifts right? I still owed you pics of the silver-and-(a-little-bit-of-)gold-Asklepios-charm by Pandora I bought in Athens, but last Friday, my study friends surprised me with a bottle-and-glass-of-wine-(so-very-relevant-for-us-)charm! However, the not-so-fun fact is now, that there’s no space left on my bracelet for new charms anymore read more »


BLAZER €59,95 Zara | SUNNIES €14,95 Loavies | DUNGAREES €39,93 Modemusthaves | NECKLACE €9,99 H&M | SNEAKERS €19,95 Loavies | TOP €9,99 H&M | BRACELET €14,95 Loavies I was on the lookout for white dungarees for a while (especially since watching this post by Happily Grey’s Mary) when I bumped into this short version at Modemusthaves. read more »


EARRINGS €9,95 | TOP €19,99 | SUNGLASSES €9,95 | WATCH €19,99 | SHORTS €24,99 | BAG €24,99 | SNEAKERS €19,99 Festival season is officially here! We Dutchies already had the chance to attend two national free festivals (Kingsday and Liberation Day) so I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t wait to celebrate read more »


Today, I’m off to Spain for some well-deserved SLEEP and catch-up time with my two besties and the boyfriend. Besides them, what could be better company than some kick-ass, summer printed, silky sleek, easy breezy comfy clothes? When I visited H&M the other day, I didn’t even know where to look; sooo much fun and read more »


BLOUSE €30,- Monki | BRA €14,99 H&M | BOTTOM €6,99 | JEANS €43,72 Asos | SHOULDER BAG €39,99 H&M | PASSPORT COVER €14,99 H&M | NIKE AIR MAX €139,99 Zalando My Greece trip is coming closer and closer and I feel like I need to start preparing myself. Luckily, everyday, study deadlines decrease in number, read more »


To me, Supertrash always was exactly what the name of the brand implies: super trashy. At the same time, I kinda admired ‘our’ Dutch Olcay Gulsen, who had managed to set up this brand with quality clothing that’s still affordable. Now I don’t know if Supertrash changed, or if my taste did, but I recently read more »


The day before yesterday, I already showed you the first part of my Sheinside order (the teddy biker indeed <3!) and here’s part two. On Instagram, you guys were already very enthusiastic about it and I must admit I also was very curious to see if this dichromatic scarf would be as good in real read more »


Recently, I told you about the amazing personalized Coördinates Collection bracelets and now there is this: molded wrist bracelets by Cornelia Webb. In case you wondered why they have such a remarkable shape and texture: they are molded around an actual wrist, the texture is like actual skin. It doesn’t get any more personalized, right? read more »


It’s all about the layers. That’s probably what I thought while checking out this Sheinside order (with the bf’s creditcard that is, sorry not sorry). And this is not even all… As I said yesterday: I’m gonna return halve, for real. There were just too many fun things that I really wanna see in real read more »