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My Running Plans & Goals for 2020

My Running Plans & Goals for 2020

It is no secret running has changed. my. life for the better in 2019. Next to the obvious physical changes (hello energy, fitness and strength, and hello Summer body), what really kept me going were the mental changes running requires (hello perseverance, discipline and positive self talk). Therefore, running will undoubtedly again be an important Read More

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How I Ran a Half Marathon With 4 Months of Training

A half marathon, without even having run a 5k continuously before. I didn’t believe I would actually do it. A friend asked me to take up the challenge over mojitos and piña coladas, and since I was considering getting back into running, I said ‘yes’. At the time, the half marathon in Málaga was four Read More

August 1-15: Push Your Limits // Sports

Me and Sports have been in an on-and-off-relationship my entire life. When I was younger I used to dance and do horse riding. Working out was easy then, because it was fun. Until it got to the point where I spend almost four hours a day on sports, got completely burned out from combining that Read More