DeBrosse NYC

Those following me around on IG have possibly seen the above pic, but I couldn’t let my first Fall buy pass by unnoticed here on the blog, because it’s such a good one! A grey, grid printed, huge, blanket scarf. As some of you might now, I like my scarves to be the size of bed linen (haha, okay almost) and since grey is one of my fave “colors” when it comes to clothing ánd since I’m quite obsessed with grid print lately, I was in fashion heaven when I spotted this piece.

Now here comes the fun part: I didn’t spot it on the webshop of H&M or Zara, but on Instagram! I was following the account of Teresa (@debrosse_nyc) for a while already because she just has the most amazing feed ever (especially when you’re a fan of knit-/crochet-/yarn-/fabric-/handmade-inspiration like I am). Seriously, if my IG ever reaches that amount of amazing-ness I’d be a very content person. Anyhow, I suddenly spotted some of her blanket scarves, headed over to her Etsy shop, which is called DeBrosse NYC and fell in love with this grey beauty. I drooled over it for ages until Teresa notified me there was a discount code online! You don’t have to guess what happened next.

About one and a half week later, I received my present-to-myself and look how cute it was wrapped! Admittedly, the plastic white flowers are mine (HAHA), but it was beautifully folded and held together with an elastic band holding a little DeBrosse card with date stamp. The scarf itself is the most perfect thing: it’s huge, it’s warm and the fabric is gorg (a liiiitle itchy, but I love the sturdiness of it). I’ve worn it almost every day since. And what is the most amazing thing: With DeBrosse, Teresa is actually supporting two orphanages in Haiti, one of the poorest (the poorest?) country in the world. Her shop is even named after one of the orphans, Israel Debrosse. 15% Of all purchases goes to Haiti!


Go check out Teresa’s IG! I couldn’t even choose favorite pics, because every single pic instantly becomes a favorite. I love all the photos capturing her at work (I can’t even imagine how cool it would be to sell pieces you made yourself), the sporadic views of New York and the happy faces of these adorable kids in Haiti. Oh and don’t forget to check out her top knot, ‘cause that’s the next thing Teresa is celebrated for…

DeBrosse NYC

Love this personalized little card.

DeBrosse NYC

blanket scarf

BLANKET SCARF | DeBrosse NYC via Etsy

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  • september 23, 2015 - 7:32 am | Permalink

    Het Instagram account is perfect en de sjaal is ook prachtig!

    • Merel
      september 23, 2015 - 2:30 pm | Permalink

      En on top of that is ze ook nog een vet leuk persoon :D

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