That must be typically me: I finally kept track of what I did last week, but this time I forgot to take photos :’D. As I said in my previous post: week 37 felt like a very unproductive one. Even though I did a lot, I still got this huuuuge to do list which doesn’t seem to get shorter any time soon. I tried to make a new head start yesterday, but I’ll tell you more about if that worked out next week haha.

A stay-at-home-day. I feel like I need more and more pajamas-days lately. Not that I’m gonna sit in my PJ’s all day and do nothing, I just need to sit in my PJ’s and do a lot. The sitting-in-PJ’s-part is actually crucial HAHA. Anyhow, I was super productive, made a study planning for university (found the greatest free printable, I’ll share it soon!), posted last week’s diary and knitted on my black-and-white blanket (which I named Audrey, cute huh?)(or am I really crazy for naming my designs?).

black and white yarn

The yarn I’m crocheting with <3

week 37

Favorite pic from my previous diary

The productivity is slightly gone when I wake up late (why can’t I just get up EARLY?). I stay at my parents’ for a while, go to the gym with Luuk, do some schoolwork and grocery shopping, update Shop My Closet and write an interior inspiration post (about how to combine a black couch), which came online the next day. In the end, I’m quite happy with all the things I managed to do.

from where I stand

Outfit of the day

shop my closet

New items in Shop My Closet

week 37

AND LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL. A goooorg blanket scarf from Etsy that was on my wishlist for quite some time. I’ll post more photos (and an outfit duhh) soooon.

I go to my parents’ again, where I read two articles for school. After I come home in the afternoon, I’m so tired I sleep for three hours straight on our new couch (which serves PERFECTLY as a bed). Luuk wakes me up to go and get some French fries, yummmmm.

black sofa

This is not our interior (haha, I wish), but I certainly want it to look somewhat like this! Find my inspiration post here.

It’s library day with my study mates! I read literature for class tomorrow, have a coffee date with a friend in the afternoon, continue with studying at home, finish my Audrey blanket and go to bed early. Starting to feel like I don’t do enough. Luckily, someone doesn’t care that she’s doing nothing ALL DAY.


Look at her. I used this fluffy blanket to cuddle up in the day before and apparently Blow thought that was an excellent idea.

week 37

She seriously didn’t move for two days or so. Therefore I decided to buy her a cat basket as white and fluffy as this blanket. Show it to you next week!

I crochet in bed until it’s time to go to class. Somehow I feel like I need that, ‘cause even though productivity fails, I also feel like I don’t relax enough (why is it all so contradictory)! When I arrive at the train station, it turns out almost all trains are cancelled due to “multiple malfunctions”, gaaaddd. I travel via Hilversum, arrive almost 45 minutes too late in class and have the same trouble on my way back (only this time due to a malfunctioning train, that’s my luck) #fuckmylife. To make up for the drama, Luuk and I have dinner on our balcony (last Summer day!) and I write and publish a post about what marble Macbook skin to choose (you can still vote)! Extremely unproductive day, yes.

marble macbook

This is your favorite design!

I feel so bad about my unproductivity that I wake up early to cross some minor things from my to do list before going to work (just to fool my brain and feel better about myself).

week 37

Me working on the couch, trying to claim a liiiiitle bit of what is now Blow’s Blanket.

Luuk and I go to my parents again, I work three hours in the afternoon and write and publish a beach basics outfit post. Also: Luuk and I have a good conversation about the reason I’m not content with how I spend my days. It’s possibly partly due to unrealistic expectations and partly due to me needing a kick in the ass.

beach wear

More about my Kickstart Monday and more next week. Wish me luck and hopefully, I’ll have more exciting news and photos to show you then!

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  • september 15, 2015 - 7:27 am | Permalink

    Wat een ontzettend leuke foto’s! Ik vind die blanket scarf echt prachtig!

    • Merel
      september 18, 2015 - 5:29 pm | Permalink

      Hij is niet te doen zo mooi! Heb er al een artikel over in de planning ;), dankjewel!

  • september 15, 2015 - 12:47 pm | Permalink

    Wederom weer mooie foto’s! :)

  • september 15, 2015 - 2:24 pm | Permalink

    Weer mooie foto’s! Ik snap waarom je zo interieur wilt super mooi! :)


    • Merel
      september 18, 2015 - 5:31 pm | Permalink

      Echt hè, ohh. Nu nog een geldboom in de tuin.

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