week 38

Pfffjjjt, week 38 has been a busy one. I’m not really the kind of girl to be busy, so it left me tired, but at the same time it’s good to be out of the house for a change, especially when it’s for fun reasons! Take a look:

As promised in my previous diary (in which I complained being unproductive) I try as much as I can to make a head start with everything that needs to be done this week. Since I’ll not have much time for studying and blogging this week, I work as hard as I can on the literature for class on Friday and on some blogposts.

week 38

As a part of my home redecorating program (you could read about my new black couch struggles earlier) I bought Blow a white kitty pillow. First of all because it’s made of the same fluffy fabric as the blanket she loves so much (see below in this post haha), second of all because it’s white and that’s a hell of a lot better than the hysterical leopard print pillow we had before. Of course, Blow loves it as much as I do. She’s not really picky when it comes to fluffiness, all things soft and cozy will do. Oh, and do you see that one single white hair on my black couch? Aaahh! I must vacuum clean e v e r y s i n g l e d a y now.

In the morning, I finish my guest blogpost for Flinders about the Danish design label OX Denmarq. Early in the afternoon, I go to a friend in Rotterdam for a sleepover! But first coffee and cake and soms shopping! We spent almost all of our shopping time in the Primark, which didn’t disappoint (I’ll show you my new items soon) and I also finally spent my birthday gift voucher at Monki! Really love Monki’s jeans by the way: I just pick my size and they fit like a glove, always. At night, we watch Jurassic World (I saw it already, but I can never get enough of dinosaurs/Chris Pratt) and the first Lord of the Rings movie (which I never watched before, it’s a shame).

week 38

Starting our shopping day with some much needed coffee and cake at Koekela. Two words: so good.

week 38

I was looking for a black knit with a low turtleneck when I spotted this one on Manon. It wasn’t really my plan to buy the exact same sweater, but when my friend stumbled upon it at Monki (“isn’t this what you’re looking for!?”) I tried it on and was surprised by the cool shape and fit! It’s slightly cropped, but oversized at the same time. And the “turtleneck” is perfect.

week 38

I only found one item at the ladies department of Primark, but many many more at the men’s section! Look at this gorg marl knit! When I tried it on, I knew my boyfriend would steal it from me the second I’d bring it home, so I got him one in dark blue as well. Now we can play fashion twins ><. Also in my paper Primark bag: a marble printed tee (men’s), a grey beanie (men’s) and a leopard blouse (you’ll see below).

week 38

My friend is crazeehhh in tha kitchen and she cooked me this Jamie Oliver risotto with goat cheese. Best. risotto. ever.

week 38

Not to mention the professional gin tonics!

It’s an eeeaaasy morning in Rotterdam. We sleep late, have some coffee in our PJ’s and go out for breakfast at 12:30. I forget to capture our breakfast, but it was delicious. We went to Vlaamsch Broodhuys (you can find them in more cities in NL) and you should definitely go there if you have a chance! Once at home, I do little homework (oh gosh, I’m so much behind already) and at night, I spend some much needed time with my two besties in Amsterdam. We always go to the same spot for cheap dinner and drinks and it was so good to see each other!

week 38

My OX Denmarq post was published on Flinders Magazine, find it here. This is my fave design. It’s sooo expensive, but sooo worth it!

I get up early in the morning to read some literature before going to work. Study-wise, this is not my best week. I work all afternoon and evening and study again at night. Loooong day.

week 38

Outfit of the day with my new leopard blouse! I find it hard to buy clothes that are appropriate for work ánd fit my style and personality, but this thing does it all! It’s a flowy, high necked and sophisticated blouse, but it still has animal print and is in black and white. Perfect!

week 38

Eetwinkel Geniet is such a cool place in Utrecht. They serve meals for people who need to work in the evening in the shops in the city centre (and they come and bring you your food!). It’s relatively cheap and soooo good. Look at this pasta! And yes, we have a polkadot tablecloth at work.

Last minute homework in the morning and class in the afternoon. In class, we divide between all the students some topics to write a paper on and mine is Paestum, which I’m very happy with! Since I have plans in the evening again, I CHILL OUT when I’m back home. In the evening, I go bowling with a group of friends and manage to throw two strikes in the first round. But that was about it, haha! We also go for spontaneous drinks and dancing afterwards and even more friends (and Luuk!) show up, it was so much fun!

merely Merel

Wearing my new cozy knit!

week 38

My bestie managed to throw two strikes in a row and outshine everyone ><

It was a looong and exhausting night, with lots of drinks, so Luuk and I sleep late again. After Luuk leaves for Ibiza (pilot life, I can’t even begin to tell you) I can’t get a lot of things done, so I write a post about ancient Seleukia, a great archaeological site we visited in Turkey. I then go to my parents for dinner and start a new knitting project afterwards (probably pictures of that soon).

week 38

I’m on top of the world, hey! Find the Seleukia post here.


Blowie is tired too, can’t blame her, life’s hard when you’re a kitty =).

Ahhh time to sleep again. I’m getting old: going out for one night and I need to take three days to recover. I work in the afternoon and don’t feel like grocery shopping afterwards, so I order myself some sushi. I spent way too much money this week, so let’s get bankrupt even more =D.

week 38


Even though I left my house a mess and even though I could nearly finish my homework, I feel very good about this week. I had some quality time with many people and did a lot of fun stuff. Since there are weeks I nearly come out of the house, that’s a good thing for me. This week, I plan to study and clean, to balance out the damage done.

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  • september 21, 2015 - 10:01 pm | Permalink

    Leuk weer om te lezen en zien! En die trui van Monki vind ik ook echt geweldig!

  • september 21, 2015 - 10:01 pm | Permalink

    Leuk weer om te lezen en zien! En die trui van Monki vind ik ook echt geweldig!

    • Merel
      september 23, 2015 - 2:30 pm | Permalink

      Jaa, hij is echt leuk! Ook nog in bordeaux rood en grijs!

  • september 22, 2015 - 6:54 am | Permalink

    Zulke leuke foto’s! Ik vind die bruinleren stoel ZO gaaf!

  • Ilse
    september 22, 2015 - 7:33 am | Permalink

    Blow <3 Ik krijg maar geen genoeg van foto's van dat beestje.

    • Merel
      september 23, 2015 - 2:31 pm | Permalink

      Haha, ik ook niet, maar dat hebben kattenliefhebbers met elkaar gemeen denk ik. Moet uitkijken dat de rest van mijn lezers de kattenfoto’s niet zat worden ;).

  • september 22, 2015 - 3:53 pm | Permalink

    Sushi ziet er altijd zo lekker uit! Zo stom dat ik het niet lust haha. Echt, ik snap er niks van, want alle ingrediënten los ik los van elkaar wel. En oh, dit doet me er weer eens aan denken binnenkort de mannenafdeling van de Primark eens een bezoekje te plegen. Die truien zien er té fijn uit.

    • Merel
      september 23, 2015 - 2:32 pm | Permalink

      Huh, dat is echt vreemd ja (van die sushi). Blijven proberen zou ik zeggen, want mijn beste vriendinnetje lustte het ook niet (terwijl ze alle ingrediënten los idd wel lust), maar houdt nu wel van de vegetarische (met komkommer en avocado enzo)!
      Verder: de herfst is perfect voor mannenkleding (lees: comfortabel, oversized) <3

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