week 40

Week 40 was all about failed attempts at productivity, so you can read all about missed trains, stressful outfitshoots and a lack of concentration today. On the brighter side: I visited the garden center, had drinks with study mates and bought new shoes. Here we go:

As I said last week, I’m trying hard to keep the productivity flowing! I enthusiastically start with reading literature for class, but first BUMMER of the day: it’s a French article. And I don’t know how it is possible, but I’ve had French classes for six years during high school, but I don’t understand a single word of it. I begin with translating every first and last sentence of every paragraph and that works quite well. It takes me ages however, and in between translating sessions, I’m reading another (English) article and write and publish last week’s photo diary. Right before the sun sets, Luuk and I go cycling around looking for a nice place to photograph my outfit of the day. When we finally find one, BUMMER: it turns out I forgot to put back the battery. We quickly return home to get it and shoot the outfit anyway (the pics turned out slightly dark though). I feel like I’m wasting valuable time and when a friend of Luuk comes over after dinner (which we eat while watching Justified), I can’t concentrate anymore. So I work on the blog instead of on my homework and go to bed later than I planned (after I cleaned up Blow’s puke on our just-washed bedsheets). All bummers today, bwuh.

merely Merel

Sneak preview!


I thought Timothy Olyphant is stinkin’ cute in Justified (I mean the cowboy’s hat, I can’t even handle it), which made Luuk kind of proud instead of jealous, because he thinks they look a little alike. Fuck they actually do, HAHA.

Sleeping late means getting up late as well, grr. Luuk’s friend stayed the night and since they spend the whole morning asking Siri on their Iphones stupid questions, I can’t concentrate and work on school. So again, I do some blog stuff, answer mails, update social media channels and feel v e r y u n p r o d u c t i v e. On top of that, Blow decided to puke all over our new couch as well. In the afternoon, I’m finally able to read literature again, but way too soon already, we need to leave to visit my parents. We all go together to the garden center (is that a proper English word?), which was really fun and inspiring actually, and besides a lot of plants for my parents’ garden, we also get ourselves a little plant and some basil seeds. When we go home we drive by the snack bar for some french fries and more unhealthy food and we eat it while watching Justified again. I don’t do shit in the evening again (except for planting my basil seeds <3), but luckily, we go to bed very early, ‘cause Luuk needs to leave for work REALLY EARLY the next day.

week 40

Buddha behind a pretty little tree

garden center

This one should be on Instagram soon

week 40

Omg, they were already busy putting all the Christmas stuff on show :|

Luuk leaves early, but I sleep for ten hours and – for a change – feel completely rested when I wake up. I do some e-mail and social media work before going to work early to shop myself some shoes. I succeed with shopping (yay, what’s better than new shoes!?) and work until eight pm (on my new shoes, yes). When I come home, I relax a little, knit a little and post the Saturday-is-for-cozy-knits outfit.


Luuk sent me this airport-during-sunrise pic, pretty!


They’re way too wide for me (even with thick insoles), but who cares, I love ‘em!

merely Merel

I literally wear this almost every day. Go get this Primark knit as soon as you get the chance. It really as an autumn essential for only €12,-!

Octoberrrrrr. I have a day off, work on my huuuuge to do list and go for a drink with my study mates. I planned on going back early, so I could do more stuff in the evening, but I fail and when I come home, it’s already too late to start another task. Since I’m not feeling well, I’m going to bed instead.

week 40

Look at this gorgeous October morning sun on this golden tree <3. We’re so lucky with the weather lately, let’s hope it stays (probably not)!

sun wall

Morning sun on the wall

Kinda felt it coming last night, but I wake up early because of a huge headache. I try to stay in bed with an icepack on my forehead, but it doesn’t help and I cancel school and dinner at my parents’. Tomorrow, it’s Glamourday, so I must feel better, ‘cause they really need me at work. I stay in bed almost all day and try to cross some “easy” things from my to do list, mostly the things involving a laptop, so I can still stay in bed. I post some night time photos from Turkey and when I feel slightly better in the evening, I sort out some books and other stuff.

week 40

It’s so good to have Blow on days like these, she always keeps me company.

Terrace Elite Resort Side

Find the night time pictures here.

Here we go, it’s Glamourrrrday and it indeed is superbusy at work. I’m drained by the time the store finally closes, but we still need to clean up the mess. When I finally arrive at the central station to take a train to my parents, I miss the train due to some stupid miscommunication aaaarrrgggh. Lucky me, my dad is the sweetest dad in the world, ‘cause he picks me up and half an hour later, we’re all having soup and bread and garlic butter. I also get escorted back home again (thanks dad!), where I quickly use the glamour day code for some H&M-essentials-shopping, yeeeaaah. Gosh, I’m so tired. And it’s late again.

sunset Utrecht

While waiting for my dad at central station, during sunset, wowieee.

I can’t seem to get into or out of bed early this week and I’m done being frustrated about that, so I didn’t put an alarm today. I wake up at eight anyways, but stay in bed until ten. Then I do my usual e-mail- and social media round, photograph and write a post about my blog’s layout, work on my paper about Paestum (I need to present it coming Friday!), phone with my bestie for ages and do some cleaning. My parents are coming over the next day for dinner, so there’s a lot to do household-wise, haha! I go to bed waaay to late, but as I said: I’m giving up on proper bedtimes.


For this babe, it’s always World Animal Day

merely Merel

Find the about-my-layout post here.

This week is all about catching up on school. I need to do some library work in Amsterdam and present my paper on Friday. In the weekend, I’ll be stress free again, hopefully. Have a nice week!

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  • oktober 7, 2015 - 7:11 am | Permalink

    Wat een prachtige foto’s! De sjaal in de eerste foto is geweldig, en die schoenen. Oeeh!

    • oktober 7, 2015 - 11:40 am | Permalink

      Die sjaal is handgemaakt via Etsy, zo leuk! Ben helemaal verslaafd aan Etsy tegenwoordig, haha. Alle foto’s komen binnenkort online. En die schoenen jaaaaa. Ik had al zwarte lakschoentjes, maar het lijkt dit seizoen wel alsof je er daar niet genoeg van kan hebben. Dankjewel voor je leuke comment!

  • oktober 7, 2015 - 4:42 pm | Permalink

    Wat een leuke schoenen! Waar heb je die gekocht?

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