photo diary week 41

As I said last week, week 41 was all about catching up on school. Therefore, it was not really an exciting week, but I’ve still got some fun pics to share with you, so take a look!

Oh-oh, my parents are coming over for dinner tonight and since it’s been a long time they were here, I want my home to be perfect. Perfect is quite hard to obtain though, ‘cause the place is a mess, but I work hard all afternoon and manage to do grocery shopping in time as well. We eat risotto with turkey and spinach, nomnom, and we have a great evening all together.

week 41

I bought some wool for a new blanket I’m making for my bf! Starting a new project is always so much fun.


My parents got us this pumpkin bouquet to welcome Fall into our house <3.

I don’t know what’s up with me, but I was really tired early yesterday evening and now I wake up feeling sick. I wanted to go to the VU library in Amsterdam, but I end up not going and staying in bed trying not to throw up. I do a little studying and blogging in the afternoon, but it’s a bad day for me and that’s not convenient, because there’s so much studying to do!

Thank god I’m feeling better, because I really need to prepare my presentation for Friday. Of course, Luuk choses precisely this day to change up our dinner table. A while ago, we bought some bar stools to go with our wooden table, because since we wanted to change the height of the table anyways, we thought we might just as well go for cool bar stools as well. I figured it would be a nice contrast with our low and loungy couch, so we had bought black Volfgang stools at Ikea. Long story short, I’m studying hard all day on our loungy couch, accompanied by Luuk’s hammering and drilling. But in the end, it’s all so worth it OMG! We have pancakes and red wine for dinner to celebrate.

week 41

Hihi, Luuk being busy.

bar stools


Bummer, yesterday evening I found out I worked on completely the wrong thing yesterday. Aaaarrrgggh. So, I’m in the library early to fix as much as I can. I’m working my ass off, work for four hours in the evening and study again at night until really late.

merely Merel

Practicing if I can still smile at work. I really need to go to the hairdresser’s by the way.

In the morning I’m rehearsing my presentation. Due to my last minute changes, it’s far from how I want it to be, but whatever, let’s get it over with! When comparing myself to the other presenters in class in the afternoon, I’m not doing that bad at all, so I go home quite satisfied actually. I also realize it was my LAST PRESENTATION EVERRR (we don’t have to present our thesis, yay!). So all that’s left to do now, is writing, which is what I love and what I’m good at. At night, I celebrate with being all by myself, laptop on my lap (haha), sitting on the couch, television on, l o v e i t.

week 41

In the train, going home, arriving at lovely Utrecht. I’m always so happy to be home again. I need to be in Amsterdam only once a week, but I always feel like I’m wasting so much time getting there.


I write and post an article about my new Polette goodies!

I’m at work all day and it’s super busy! When I come home, I’m super tired, so Luuk and I have a simple pasta for dinner and watch another episode of Justified. I also made an appointment with someone from Marktplaats who wanted to buy my old couch. Unfortunately, I’ve had already waited for buyers to show up THREE TIMES before, so when I told this new buyer I was quite fed up with it, she promised me to come pick it up. Of course, she doesn’t show up and doesn’t answer my e-mails. I’m so done with today!


We put our old dining chairs aside, so they are now randomly lined up in front of our television (haha), but Blow just can’t seem to say goodbye to ‘em.

week 41

So cute.

I really feel like WEEEEKENNDDD and Luuk and I wake up late. I post an outfit bloopers post (haha, check it out if you haven’t already) and take the bus to my parents. Unfortunately, there are huge demonstrations in Utrecht, the central station is partly under construction and trains don’t depart, so it takes me about one hour and forty-five minutes to get there (it’s normally a ten-minute drive by car). Luckily, it’s super sunny and I brought a study book to read. I have French fries for dinner at my parents’ (yum) and spend my evening at home on the couch reading again (I’m ready Connelly’s Parthenon Enigma, which is so extremely interesting if you’re ever going to visit Athens).

outfit bloopers

One of the outfit bloopers post :D

week 41

Perfect evening: a blanket, a book, and a Blow ><.

This week is more about finishing papers (in my own pace though) and doing fun stuff. As you might have seen on my Instagram, Luuk and I spent the day in Amsterdam yesterday. Also this week: Bockbierfestival and something I can’t talk about now, in case someone is reading this =p. More of that next week haha!

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  • oktober 14, 2015 - 7:07 am | Permalink

    Wat een leuke foto’s! Het pompoenboeketje is zo leuk!

    • Merel
      oktober 14, 2015 - 1:02 pm | Permalink

      Leuk hè! Echt herfstig en ideaal voor mij, aangezien ik niet goed ben met bloemen :p.

  • oktober 14, 2015 - 8:22 am | Permalink

    Dat boeketje is zo leuk! En wat heb je een schattige kat! x

    • Merel
      oktober 14, 2015 - 1:04 pm | Permalink

      Hihi ja poesiemauw. Ze was heel angstig toen we d’r 4,5 jaar geleden van iemand overnamen, maar ze wordt nog steeds elke dag knuffeliger, zo lief en leuk om te zien!

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