week 43

Wow, week 43 was the most unproductive week blogging-wise EVER. I did not post regularly and I did not keep track of my adventures either. There’s a lot to talk about anyway, so here we go!

Luuk and I have our quality-time-kruis-in-de-agenda-day today! Since he has to work a lot this week, we can only enjoy the morning together, but we make sure to spend it in a fabulous way: with a huge breakfast at Vlaamsch Broodhuys (also in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, for the Dutchies). Afterwards, I visit the Constantijns Droom (= Constantine’s Dream) exhibition in De Nieuwe Kerk (a church) in Amsterdam together with two friends. It’s about the first “Christian” Roman emperor Constantine the Great (who was not a Christian at all, at least that’s what I think, but that’s another discussion). We have beers afterwards and I’m really tired when I’m back home because of all the fun stuff (haha, lame), so I watch MTV all night and order new glasses at Polette!

week 43

A friend introduced me to Vlaamsch Broodhuys in Rotterdam and I was so happy to find out there’s one in Utrecht as well! We’ll definitely come here more often <3.

week 43

In my happy place

Constantijns droom

Remains of today. We weren’t allowed to take pictures at the Constantine exhibition, except for a selfie with the emperor’s huge marble head (which is a replica of the one in the Musei Capitolini in Rome)… Ehmmm, no thanks.


These are the glasses I ordered and I literally CAN’T WAIT to receive them.

In need of PJ’s and home cleaning today. I finally organize my jewelry and put everything inside my wardrobe closet. In the afternoon, I take the bus to have dinner at my parents’ and I finish Joan Connelly’s Parthenon Enigma, which almost makes me cry! Wow, that’s really pathetic since it’s a study book ><, but I think she just really hits the nail on the head multiple times (is that an English saying also?)

week 43

Bought this organizer a while back at Ikea (for the Pax closet) and I can’t believe it took me so long to put it into use, because it looks soooo good right?!

I spend the day at home studying and crocheting. I’m making this blanket again, for my bestie, only with grey instead of white. Also: I update shop my closet, but there are still some ads that I need to renew. I really love selling stuff secondhand by the way. On my personal account, I’ve also sold some interior stuff and books lately. Feels so much better than to just throw it all away!

week 43

Luuk gave me this colorful little notebook. Isn’t this one big happy flatlay?

The start of four busy, busy, busy days. I work on school in the library all day, while catching up with some study mates. Two of them just spent some time abroad for their theses, which makes me very motivated to start with my thesis as well. In the evening I’m running my ass of at work, ‘cause it’s herfstvakantie (Fall vacation, haha) here in the Netherlands, and everyone has decided collectively to go shopping.

week 43

A laptop, my coffee and some chocolate is all I need to get ready for some studying. And maybe some random quotes.

merely merel

On the blog today: a top nine of the most read blogposts of the last thirty days!

I try to get out of bed early to catch up on e-mails etc and read some literature for school. In the afternoon, I hop on a train to Haarlem, to visit a friend who is also a self-taught manicurist. She does a rrreeaally good job on my nails and we drink a lot of wine, have a lot of good food and watch Disney’s Inside Out and Maleficent together. Perfect day, haha!

manicure black glitter

I sooooo need to get used to them, but aren’t they awesome and shiny?

week 43

Haha, my friend has a big, fat (gay?) cat that is meowing every time you don’t pay attention to him and his toys. And you can literally do anything with him, as you can tell :’D.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, 24th & 25th
My weekend consists of working my ass off again during the day (I think I never sold this many pairs of shoes in a weekend before) and going out for dinner at night. On Saturday, my colleagues and I go celebrate our incredible sales at the Greek restaurant Corfu (nomnom), on Sunday, Luuk and I go with my parents to a cute little place alongside the Vecht (a small river close to Utrecht), which is called La Saucière. We can still sit (more or less) outside (very cozy and warm with terrace heaters) and both the food and the service is really good!

Utrecht sunset

Sunset street strolling in Utrecht <3

week 43

At La Saucière, so cozy!

As I always say lately, I hope this week will be more about studying, ‘cause there’s a huge deadline coming up! But I need to get back on track with blogging as well… We’ll see what happens. And don’t forget to check out my IG account if I turn out to be too busy to update here!

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  • oktober 27, 2015 - 9:06 am | Permalink

    Wat een prachtige foto’s! De bril ziet er geweldig uit!

    • Merel
      oktober 27, 2015 - 12:37 pm | Permalink

      Ja hè? Ik ben ook echt zo benieuwd hoe ‘ie staat aaaaahh :D

  • oktober 27, 2015 - 10:59 am | Permalink

    Weer mooie foto’s! Je pony opzij staat ook erg leuk :) XO

    • Merel
      oktober 27, 2015 - 12:38 pm | Permalink

      Dankjewel Judith! Ja, ik wissel een beetje af met de pony haha. Bij drukke dagen vind ik het nog steeds een beetje irritant als ie zo over m’n hele voorhoofd hangt, dus dan doe ik ‘m opzij ;).

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