festival fringe

It’s a shame, actually, but I haven’t been to any festival yet (and I even can’t remember the last one I went to last year, if any?). Most of the time, I’m worrying about the weather, or I think the tickets are too expensive, or I have to work, or or or… excuses. Truth is, I’m too much of a homester to feel like going out — if ‘homester’ is an actual word as Google Translate says?

However, I do love festival fashion! But since it doesn’t really fit my style to walk around in floral maxi dresses, wearing a colorful headband, cowboy boots and feathers in my hair, I’ll have to find another way. I found this fringed (yay-grey!) tanktop on sale at H&M and paired it with the lace up sandals I bought at work the second after they arrived. Combined with my good old black skinnies and a comfy oversized denim jacket and I’m definitely staying in my comfort zone while still feeling those festival vibes!

Now where is the good weather, a big wallet and a few days off? I might take out a vintage pair of Levi’s and a flower crown instead.

merely Merel

festival style

lace up sandals


festival outfit

H&M top | H&M jeans | Manfield sandals | Bershka jacket | Casio watch

Photos by the always fashionable Lauren.

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