Flinders favorites

It’s Flinders time again! I selected my ten Flinders Favorites that together make up the basic furniture of my ideal living room. Luuk and I are quite busy cleaning up our house and redecorate it and even though it’s a very slow process (gosh, we have A LOT OF STUFF), I believe we will get there in the end this time! As you might have read in my photo diary, we bought a new couch already, so I consider that the first step. Then it’s probably time for a new coffee table, new dining chairs and a new rug. And oh dear lord, how much I love this leather chair in the picture above and in my Flinders collage below!? And don’t get me started about both of the tables and the grey lamps. Anyhow, find all about my living-room-philosophy and the links to the products (in Dutch) in my article on the Flinders Magazine page, here!

Flinders favorites

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  • augustus 6, 2015 - 10:34 am | Permalink

    Oh ik heb zin om daar gelijk spontaan te gaan shoppen!

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