H&M order
HAT €9,99 | BLOUSE €19,99 | SHORTS €34,99 | BRA 14,99 | FLIPFLOPS €59,99 Birkenstock via Zalando

Told you about my huge H&M order yesterday and well, here’s a small selection of what I ordered (not the Birkies of course, but wouldn’t they look cute with this outfit? Still in doubt about buying them…). I was persuaded to order again because of a 30%-discount-on-an-item-of-choice flyer in the mailbox (and, okay, I admit, because I needed to study but really was fed up with that). I used it on these shorts (the most expensive item of my order haha), which would be a perfect chic addition to my destroyed denim shorts collection. I really tried to stick with the things I need most by the way: You guys have probably heard me rambling on for ages about finding the perfect white shirt (will it be this one?) and a white hat and red lace bra were high on the priority list as well. Furthermore, I added some black pencil skirts (for work), a black bikini (had a to throw away my old one) and some sports- and chill-wear to my virtual basket (for when school is over). Oh, and a little surprise for the boyfriend, which I hope he likes (and fits)!

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