holiday essentials

Gosh, I’m leaving Tuesday already! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Luckily, I’ve created a holiday checklist years ago (and updated it ever since), so a few days ago, I looked at it again, wrote down what I still needed and headed over to the shopping mall. Love all these little “beauty-buys” I normally don’t buy for myself. It really gets me in this much needed travel-mood. Since I’d like my suitcase to be as light as possible, I always spend on minis (or collect free ones during winter, haha). The holiday essentials this year include: mini silver shampoo, mini face wash, mini day-/night cream, small travel bottles, little-higher-than-ankle socks (those that do not slip down your heels), mini deodorant, mini foot balm (much needed after long sightseeing days), mini hair clips, de-makeup pads (no need for liquid removers), a hair mask (to be transferred in a smaller travel bottle), cotton buds (this packaging is sooo handy) and a mini coconut-fragranced sunscreen.

Well, let’s say I’m ready to go! Oh no, not really, ‘cause I don’t have my suitcase yet. The one I have now (which is basically Luuk’s) is nearly broken, so I ordered a new, slightly smaller one (to prevent packing more than 15kg, I know myself too well). It’s going to be delivered today! Is it weird to be really exciting over a new suitcase? Can’t wait to start packing!

holiday essentials

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