knitted blanket

When I see a knitted blanket like this… my hands start to itch to buy myself a shitload of a wool and start knitting something huge! It’ll probably take forever (taking into account my knitting speed), but – as I mentioned earlier – I just love timeconsuming projects. For now, I’m busy finishing my friend’s scarf (it’s about time she receives her birthday present), but after that… I’ll probably get lost on Pinterest finding the most wonderful knitting patterns haha. Oh, if I could only have my own little knitting shop one day <3. Find more pictures of this blanket and the pattern on

knitted blanket

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  • februari 21, 2015 - 2:05 am | Permalink

    Dit soort foto’s maken me echt heel boos. Waarom kan ik niet zo strak en netjes breien? Kijk die mooie rechte zijkantjes nou! Goed, dat wordt veel oefenen haha :)

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