Summer moodboard

Wowsj, I haven’t posted for a whopping two weeks, but please don’t be mad, ‘cause I’m kiiiiinda on top of my game when it comes to the rest of my life =D. Here are five random things that keep my busy!

  • I’ve changed the way I work on tasks — with the help of my beloved Productivity Planner — and this has guided me through the finishing stages of two huge study deadlines that I was really looking up against. Instead of alternating between several tasks, I now dedicate much more time to one project, and basically don’t stop untill it’s done (unless it takes more than five hours to finish it). On the one hand, this creates this restless idea in my head that there’s still so much else to work on, on the other hand (and this turned out to be more important), it enables me to cross off tasks from my to do list that have been there for way too long. Let’s continue that this week! #highfive
  • I’ve received my Triangl bikini and found the perfect denim cut-offs, so now I officially can’t wait for Summer holidays anymore. Still need some serious Summer wardrobe updates, such as skirts.
  • Two of my friends are organizing a trip to Portugal for all of us next year! It’s gonna be a villa-with-swimming-pool-kinda thing and it’s going to be ah-mazing. The boyfriend and I are probably gonna travel to some paradise destination in November, so if you have some nice suggestions for that time of year, I’d love to hear!
  • I sold one of my crocheted blankets and I now I can’t be more motivated to create more! (Have you seen my pink baby blanket, it’s the softest and cutest thing I’ve made so far.)
  • I ran a 5k in 38 minutes last week (what a joke ><) and I really hope I’ll feel like running again this week (probably not, but hey).
  • Planning an outfit-, lifestyle-, and giveaway post as we speak, so don’t go anywhere =D.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week!

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