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Oh guys, I’m so excited! I’ve got nothing concrete to show you, but I’m just here to tell you that behind the scenes, I’ve finally decided to officially open a handmade knitwear webshop! In the previous Monday Moodboard I wrote about my Summer holiday plans, which included work on my knitwear shop, but as soon as Summer holidays started, I just couldn’t help myself anymore: If I do it, I wanna do it right.

So I started doing some research about how to set up an online business (because everything starts with proper research amiright!?) and came to the conclusion that writing a business plan is the best thing to do first. So I sat my ass down, made me some coffee (ahh, the other way around of course), and started writing. What do I wanna do? What will my bizz look like? What is my target audience? Etc. Etc.

Gosh, that was illuminating! I’m not done with my business plan yet, but to lift a tip of the veil: There’s gonna be a new brand name, a new website, which will include both a blog and a shop, and a hella lot of new directions to go in. But the overall aim is to simply bring the granny-associated crafts of knitting and crocheting closer to our modern world of fashion. I’ve made a planning to make things more concrete and the first deadline is set on the end of July — by then, I must have decided upon a brand name and start creating a new website. It’s totally nerve wracking, but so much fun at the same time!

Hope you’ll stay with me through all of the transitions to come <3. Meanwhile, you’ll find my shop here (more items added soon, hopefully)!

Find these photos on my Pinterest| Loopy Mango knitting heaven | @aaron_jamess__ bedroom goals | @fashionedchicstyling ripped jeans | Couldn’t find any more photo credits, so please let me know if you do.

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