Chain Twenty

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates over here, but those of you following along on Instagram might already know that behind the scenes, I’ve been working hard to follow my dreams! And now it’s finally here, so let me introduce you to *tatataaammm* — my new blog + (soon to be) webshop!

The idea of opening a webshop to sell my hand knitted / crocheted pieces has been on my mind quite some time, and it took my even more time to figure out exactly how I wanted it to look like. I’ve decided to complement it with an inspirational blog, where I’m not only talking yarn, stitches, and patterns, but certainly also business and fashion. Because handmade knitwear should be fashionable and wearable, and it will surely follow my love for the minimalistic and comfortable.

For now, you’ll find me blogging on, and behind the scenes I’ll be working on a FW16/17 knitear collection (for a peek, check out my new Instagram @chaintwenty). I’m not quite sure when the shop will open, but please follow along via Bloglovin or Instagram, or sign up for my newsletter. For, I’ll find a new purpose I’m sure — in the meantime my Insta page @merelymerel is already turning into something more personal and colorful, I hope you guys like it.

Thanks so much for all of your support & I hope to see you again over at Chain Twenty!

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