outfit Zara
T-SHIRT €9,95 Zara | BLAZER €69,99 Zara | SHORTS €9,99 €7,- H&M | WATCH 89,- Rosefield | SHOES €99,99 Manfield

Just came from a quick shopping spree for my next getaway to Greece (Sunday already!) and it was a total succes. Bought the leopard printed shorts (in stores they’re even cheaper, €5,-!) and many more sale scores. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the t-shirt in my size and the blazer doesn’t fit me right but is absolutely FAB (my boobies are too big HAHA ><), but I ended up buying a way cheaper blazer at H&M in this beautiful warm brown colour (couldn’t find it online though). The Rosefield watch I found via Lucy, who always manages to find the most perfect key pieces. And last but not least, I fell in love with these Manfield shoes, but I gotta wait for my discount card  to arrive (working at a shoe store has its benefits, yes). Gotta run now, I’m gonna meet up with my two besties, ‘cause one of them BOUGHT her own HOUSE. Guess we’re no little girls anymore… let’s enjoy every second of our lives, ‘cause it’s flying by so so fast.

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