Ozetta blankets

The last couple of days were just like fall here in The Netherlands. Or actually, just like a typical Dutch Summer: rainy, windy, grey-ish. Sounds not so fun, but on the brighter side: it makes me wanna cuddle up on the couch with lots of yarn, knitting or crocheting scarves and hats and blankets. Lately, I find myself extremely inspired by Hailey Smedley, owner of Ozetta Knitwear (find her shop here). I told you about her crazy-cool Instagram account earlier (pretty much all the pictures in this post are taken from it), but I’m getting more and more obsessed. How cool to be at home all day, knitting and crocheting for customers eager to own something unique and authentic? Well, just check out her IG, it looks sooo cozy and comfy!

Right now, I’m drooling over Hailey’s blankets. The ones in this post are all in the same pattern, just in different colors. You can tell Ozetta is a popular business, ‘cause these blankets are sold one after another. And well, that’s not hard to imagine, right? So, I started working on my own very first crocheted blanket. I hope I’ll have enough courage (and yarn) to finish it (haha) so I can show it to you. For now, some Ozetta inspiration!


yarn shop

Heaven on earth?

crocheted blanket


Ozetta blankets

neutral yarn

Ozetta blanket

Read a small interview with Hailey about Ozetta here!

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