striped blouse

A few days ago my bestie told me about some sort of career day she attended where she was asked the question: When was the last time you were completely in your element? (This sounds like a hilarious Dunglish translation, but I looked it up and it seems to be a legit English saying, so I hope you guys understand what I mean, haha). When I was thinking about this question afterwards, I had to come to the conclusion that I’m completely in my element creating blogposts like this one.

It’s not that I think very highly of myself when it comes to blogging (far from it), but this post just seems to represent what I love doing most: improving myself in shooting clean and interesting pictures (including finding the perfect background to complement the outfit), organizing and editing them (there were way too many cool shots, I had a hard time selecting) and writing a few lines to accompany them. The combination of various creative activities – working with fashion, photography, design and text – is, I think, what makes me most happy these days.

A small note about the outfit: I love combining opposites, so an outfit doesn’t contain too much of one element. Here, the sneakers and boyfriend jeans dress down the striped blouse and blazer (the last one of which I have for AGES now, almost literally). The blouse was a welcome addition to my wardrobe just before leaving for Greece two months ago. It has a nice casual fit and the cotton fabric is perfectly light and airy, which makes it very appropriate for work also. Can’t wait for the moment I bump into a white version of it as well #everlastingquest.

merely Merel

white hair

striped blouse

casual chic

outfit details

white hair

white all stars

striped blouse

JEANS – similar | H&M | see me wearing them here as well
ALL STARS | Converse via JD Sports | see me wearing them here as well
BLAZER – very old but this Zara one looks kinda like it | Steps
BELT – similar | Cowboysbelt

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    Tijdje niet op je blog geweest maar wauw, love the hair! Mooie outfit ook, xx

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