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Finallyyyy, it’s time to show you my sale score – the leopard coat! It’s such a shame I haven’t been able to wear it a lot, ‘cause it’s a not a real winter coat, but last Tuesday I decided to have shit on the weather (Dunglish for fuck the weather). I had a date planned read more »


Oohh gosh, last thursday, after handing in two deadlines I worked day and night on, I thought I was allowed to pay a quick visit to Zara. There was still a lot of sale and my boyfriend loves sale, so when he’s in a good shopping mood, shopping is always a good idea. We kinda read more »


Golden oldies in today’s outfit post! And yeah, uhuh, you know what it izzz, black and camel, black and camel, black and camel, black and camel. Okay, sorry for putting that song in your head. Anyway, about the outfit: I didn’t really have something in mind when putting together this outfit, but I think it read more »


Even though I have this leather backpack for a really long time now (over two years), I believe I never showed it to you! And that’s a shame, ‘cause it’s a really, really beautiful one. As you might now, I’m always looking for quality and I’m very much willing to spend some money on items read more »


A lot of animal prints in today’s outfit post! I bought this zebra printed backpack to take with me to Thorikos with the intention of throwing it away afterwards. As I expected, it got extremely dirty, but since I had gotten attached to it, I gave the washing machine a try. Now its perfectly black-and-white and read more »


Is there a better way to prepare yourself for sunny getaways than to go on a good old shopping spree? I love to sort out my clothes beforehand, find out which pieces are missing or need a serious update and spend the rest of the day in the shopping center. Lately, I bought some fun read more »


Well, I probably won’t be the only one, but I got my hands on a Vogue shirt this year and I absolutely love it! The fit is suprisingly nice, since the long and round front makes it very easy to tuck it into your trousers while the shorter sides naturally stay out. A few days read more »