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You guys need to be incredibly patient with me, but I finally shot another outfit again. Ofcooooourse it features my new secondhand black and brown suede jacket from H&M, which looks incredibly handsome in front of the camera, don’t you think? I’ve always been one to combine black and brown so this simple look is totally me. Sidenote: read more »


O.M.G., remember this post from April last year? Exactly, here it is, that beautiful €200,- H&M suede jacket. I’m the luckiest bastard on earth, ‘cause my colleague bought it secondhand (but completely new!) on Marktplaats for only €50,- and since she doesn’t like the fit, she sold it to ME. To me! Happiest girl ever! read more »


I already showed you collages and pictures of it, but here’s my baby in real life; my burgundy jacket! On the Sheinside webshop, there were no photos of fashionbloggers wearing this jacket, so I was pretty nervous about how it would look like, but isn’t it fab? I think I wouldn’t wear it during Christmas read more »


This burgundy teddy biker jacket; I had it on my wishlist for aaages. I only talked about it in a diary and a Sheinside wishlist post here, but secretly, I had it in mind way earlier as a substitute for my teddy biker by H&M. Now I finally have it hanging in my coat-closet, which read more »


Never thought I’d be a hat-kinda person one day, but here I am, introducing you to my second addition to my hat-wardrobe. This one was also part of my Modemusthaves order, as were these biker leggings and the Stockholm sweater and watch I already showed you. I decided to go for a matchy-matchy outfit with read more »


Here it is, the reason for ordering at Modemusthaves: the Stockholm sweater! It’s nothing special or out-of-the-box for me, but I just love the simple and cool black-on-white graphics and I immediately new I had to have it. On a relaxing nothing’s-really-happening day, I combined it with more simple blacks and whites, such as high read more »


Can someone please donate some of his/her time and money to me to shop new stuff? My life has been incredibly boring lately, fashion-wise at least, so when me and fellow-blogger Lauren decided to meet up for coffee and outfitshooting, I needed to be creative with the pieces already in my closet. Since basically everything read more »


Meet my favourite pieces! Staying very much within my comfort zone with a lot of leather, black, and oversized stuff. You’ve seen all of these items before, but that doesn’t really matter, because it’s about how you combine it, right? These pictures were taken right after class, hence the TERRIBLE hair, haha – I was read more »


Time to bring my shopped items post alive with this outfit. Never thought I could be this happy with a striped t-shirt, but I think it looks fab tucked in some high waisted pants. Not to mention the combo of black and white with my new hair, don’t you think it looks super cool and read more »


I went on a second date with Runwithfashion’s Iris (yes, we’re getting serious) and besides drinking coffee, eating yoghurt (it’s a shame I had never been at Yoghurt Barn before!) and wandering through the streets of Utrecht, she also shot these outfit pics in the small garden of the Dom church. It’s far from high read more »