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I already showed you collages and pictures of it, but here’s my baby in real life; my burgundy jacket! On the Sheinside webshop, there were no photos of fashionbloggers wearing this jacket, so I was pretty nervous about how it would look like, but isn’t it fab? I think I wouldn’t wear it during Christmas read more »


This burgundy teddy biker jacket; I had it on my wishlist for aaages. I only talked about it in a diary and a Sheinside wishlist post here, but secretly, I had it in mind way earlier as a substitute for my teddy biker by H&M. Now I finally have it hanging in my coat-closet, which read more »


Since Luuk and I both are extremely busy (or well, I always love to say I’m much more busy than he is, sorry babe), we agreed on some kind of rule that every time he’s home, we reserve a full day (or two evenings) to spend with each other. We plan these dates in advance read more »