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The third and last part of the Maastricht pictures has finally arrived. And how cool does this golden pineapple look? It was waaay too expensive to take it home with me unfortunately, so if you come across a cheap one (white is also okay), let me know. Anyway, on these pics you see the ferris read more »


Please, let me go back to Maastricht a.s.a.p. This little weekend getaway with my two besties managed to make me look forward to Christmas and New Year’s. Before, I could only stress out about school, but the Christmas lights, the shopping, the wine and the cozyness of the Christmas market, made me forget all about read more »


Part one of the Maastricht photos, here we go! Even though we only stayed in this very southern city of the Netherlands for only three days, it was lovely enough to fill with pictures three blogposts. I show them randomly, but what you see here is/are several pictures taken from (within) the Christmas market’s ferris read more »


I usually fail to find nice stuff on sale, but now I know why… it’s because I forget to look at the men’s department. In Maastricht (gonna show you the pics soon!) I found the perfect winter-ish-Christmas-printed sweater at H&M’s men’s department for only ten euro! To make it extra oversized, I took it in read more »


I’ve worked my ass off the last couple of days to finish all my deadlines beforehand and now it’s time to gooooo toooo MAASTRICHT with my two besties! It’s difficult nowadays to spend time together, because we all work different hours and have our own lives with our own (boy)friends and families, but a few read more »