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Yayyyy, outfit time again! This actually is the first look I photographed since getting back from Turkey (more than a MONTH ago). I feel like such a bad blogger, but at least I’m working on changing these bad habits, becaaaauuuuuuse Luuk and I decided to schedule some quality “weekend”-time together, my camera included. No, I’m read more »


Travels and bad weather delayed the shooting and publishing of this ah-mazing outfit (if I may say so myself) for a while, but here is one of the few outfits featuring me wearing a dress. A while ago I discovered the super cool “Hip Hop, Fashion and Streetwear” webshop DefShop, selling clothes and accessories that read more »


The time was finally there to get myself a new pair of glasses (oh well, the time was already a long time there, but it was patiently waiting for me to accept it). And when I say ‘a new pair’, I actually mean ‘my first pair’. (If you don’t count in my real first pair of read more »