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How I’m Going to Make Myself Happier in the Second Half of 2019

Half of 2019 is gone and I’m not happier. Quite the contrary. But that has nothing to do with my Happiness Project, because my Happiness Project actually did make me happier, the first three months of the year. After that, I allowed life to happen, and the project fell down the ladder of priorities. Now Read More

March: Think Big // Work

I’m suuuperlate with writing this blogpost, but I’m posting it anyway. In line with last month’s topic of money, March has been all about work-work-work-work-work. I run my own creative business, which I love, but takes heaps of time for little money. And I work as a freelance text editor, which helps pay the bills and Read More

Budgeting and Tracking Expenses // Daily Habits

To reach my goal of becoming financially independent, February (and the rest of the year, obvs) was dedicated to spending wisely. In order to start doing so, the most urgent smart goal on my list was to find a way to make tracking expenses easy and fun. So easy and fun, in fact, that I can Read More

learning Spanish

Learning Spanish // January Review

2019 has been off to a good start. I decided to start the year with one of the most practical of my goals: Learning Spanish. It consisted of the straight-forward resolutions of taking classes, doing my homework, and making some additional efforts on a daily basis. Executing these resolutions take quite a chunk of time Read More