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Well, I think I’ve got this serious stripes and dungarees addiction going on, haha! After all, dungarees have proved to be my favorite Winter (and now Spring) uniform, but I especially like them combined with something striped. Find the exact Winter/black equivalent of this look here, haha. Before leaving for Greece, I sprinted through H&M read more »


Never thought I’d be a hat-kinda person one day, but here I am, introducing you to my second addition to my hat-wardrobe. This one was also part of my Modemusthaves order, as were these biker leggings and the Stockholm sweater and watch I already showed you. I decided to go for a matchy-matchy outfit with read more »


Meet my favourite pieces! Staying very much within my comfort zone with a lot of leather, black, and oversized stuff. You’ve seen all of these items before, but that doesn’t really matter, because it’s about how you combine it, right? These pictures were taken right after class, hence the TERRIBLE hair, haha – I was read more »


I went on a second date with Runwithfashion’s Iris (yes, we’re getting serious) and besides drinking coffee, eating yoghurt (it’s a shame I had never been at Yoghurt Barn before!) and wandering through the streets of Utrecht, she also shot these outfit pics in the small garden of the Dom church. It’s far from high read more »


Help me out guys, I’m having major doubts, haha! As you might have read, I bought these two Ibana Rouge jackets second-hand on Marktplaats, with he idea of selling one of them again. I couldn’t choose between the two colours and was afraid that the quality of one of them might not be as good read more »


No better way to get used to daily life in the Netherlands again than by enjoying yesterday’s weather. On my first day at home I wanted to shoot an outfit post immediately, but it just didn’t stop raining. Weather forecasters (is that a word?) actually announced code orange because of all the rain. I decided read more »


The first photos taken with my new Canon EOS 700D with 50mm f/1.8 lens! They’re far from perfect yet, but I’m absolutely IN LOVE with me popping out of the screen, HAHA. This lens is only able to capure a small depth, so that’s why the background appears unsharp (and that’s possibly not the right read more »