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Outfit posts are back again! Photography-wise, March hitherto hasn’t been what I wanted it to be, but here we go after all with a brand new outfit. Or… brand new, not really. The only item you haven’t seen before is the duo scarf. Still, since it has quickly made its way into my collection of daily read more »


I’ve already worn it close to a million times, but here it finally is: my minty jumper by Primark (the one I bought in grey as well, because it’s just too good, remember?)! Cozy jumper + leggings + sneakers + big scarf is probably my favourite weekendwear. And studywear. And schoolwear. And workwear (if I read more »


Finallyyyy, it’s time to show you my sale score – the leopard coat! It’s such a shame I haven’t been able to wear it a lot, ‘cause it’s a not a real winter coat, but last Tuesday I decided to have shit on the weather (Dunglish for fuck the weather). I had a date planned read more »