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I’ve already worn it close to a million times, but here it finally is: my minty jumper by Primark (the one I bought in grey as well, because it’s just too good, remember?)! Cozy jumper + leggings + sneakers + big scarf is probably my favourite weekendwear. And studywear. And schoolwear. And workwear (if I read more »


Finallyyyy, it’s time to show you my sale score – the leopard coat! It’s such a shame I haven’t been able to wear it a lot, ‘cause it’s a not a real winter coat, but last Tuesday I decided to have shit on the weather (Dunglish for fuck the weather). I had a date planned read more »


Oohh gosh, last thursday, after handing in two deadlines I worked day and night on, I thought I was allowed to pay a quick visit to Zara. There was still a lot of sale and my boyfriend loves sale, so when he’s in a good shopping mood, shopping is always a good idea. We kinda read more »