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Sooooo sorry for not blogging for ages, but I’m busy with a lot of stuff I wanted to do for ages (that is, cleaning up my house, head and life, can anyone relate?). Please follow along on Instagram to stay up to date on a (most of the time) daily basis and please don’t if you read more »


Here’s the funny thing: I took a friend who supposedly needed my style advise to Monki to learn her a fashion lesson (haha, this is so Dunglish) while at the same time looking for a black knit with a small turtleneck I had spotted a few days earlier on Manon. The friend who supposedly needed my style read more »


I knew it all along, but Monki is GREAT when it comes to sizing (at least for me)(and of course they’re great for many other reasons too, but let’s stick to the subject). I bought my first ever high waisted jeans there and since then, I can just pick up any pair of pants in read more »


One of the good things about going on a holiday is that you can shoot outfits whenever and wherever you like, because since you’re a tourist, you’re supposed to take pictures of yourself in the open :’D. That fortunate fact being said, this is me wearing a dress AGAIN. In the last outfit post I read more »


I’m not done yet with showing you guys my birthday presents. My besties gave me black Chucks, but since they were out of stock for a while, I had to be patient. And since patience is my middle name (NOT), I ran to the store immediately after they were restocked. It’s funny, I remember myself read more »


You guys need to be incredibly patient with me, but I finally shot another outfit again. Ofcooooourse it features my new secondhand black and brown suede jacket from H&M, which looks incredibly handsome in front of the camera, don’t you think? I’ve always been one to combine black and brown so this simple look is totally me. Sidenote: read more »


Knew I had to have these ripped mom jeans right when I saw them online. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them in my size here in Utrecht, but in Alicante, I did. Combined with good old All Stars (Luuk washed mine, don’t they look brand new again!?), an oversized top and a canvas tote they make read more »


Outfit posts are back again! Photography-wise, March hitherto hasn’t been what I wanted it to be, but here we go after all with a brand new outfit. Or… brand new, not really. The only item you haven’t seen before is the duo scarf. Still, since it has quickly made its way into my collection of daily read more »


BLOUSE €30,- Monki | BRA €14,99 H&M | BOTTOM €6,99 | JEANS €43,72 Asos | SHOULDER BAG €39,99 H&M | PASSPORT COVER €14,99 H&M | NIKE AIR MAX €139,99 Zalando My Greece trip is coming closer and closer and I feel like I need to start preparing myself. Luckily, everyday, study deadlines decrease in number, read more »


I already showed you collages and pictures of it, but here’s my baby in real life; my burgundy jacket! On the Sheinside webshop, there were no photos of fashionbloggers wearing this jacket, so I was pretty nervous about how it would look like, but isn’t it fab? I think I wouldn’t wear it during Christmas read more »