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Wanted to show you these pieces waaay earlier, but as you might have noticed, I was waaay too busy finishing deadlines, celebrating freedom in Spain and sleeping long when back in The Netherlands. BUT, I’m back in business from today on, ‘cause I just set up this huge to do list filled with stuff I read more »


By now, you guys probably know how much I like photos. I’m taking my DSLR everywhere, even though I almost shoot everything on auto (shame on me, promise I’ll learn more about my camera ONE DAY). Luckily, Delphi is too pretty to even need special camera settings, so when Foto op Canvas asked me to try out read more »


O.M.G., remember this post from April last year? Exactly, here it is, that beautiful €200,- H&M suede jacket. I’m the luckiest bastard on earth, ‘cause my colleague bought it secondhand (but completely new!) on Marktplaats for only €50,- and since she doesn’t like the fit, she sold it to ME. To me! Happiest girl ever! read more »


Showed you these in a sneak peek on Instagram already, but they’re totally worth elaborating on: these KIKO gel nail lacquers. My besties and I found them in the KIKO store in Alicante and after seeing the pink one on the nails of one of the saleswomen we immediately knew we had to get them read more »


Merel says hi from Greece! I’ll show you aaaaalllll the beautiful pics I’m taking here soon, but for now, you’ll have to be satisfied with pics from the latest addition to my wardrobe (which comes in verrrry handy here too): this kinda-oversized denim jacket from Bershka I told you about earlier. Hope to shoot an read more »


Gosh, I’m leaving Tuesday already! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Luckily, I’ve created a holiday checklist years ago (and updated it ever since), so a few days ago, I looked at it again, wrote down what I still needed and headed over to the shopping mall. Love all these little “beauty-buys” read more »


After years of trying different skin care products, I can finally say I found some that are here to stay. As you might already know, I have quite a difficult skin. I used to take a birth control pil (called Diana in The Netherlands, maybe you’re familiar with it) that is actually also a treatment against read more »


I know, winter is almost over, but for me, snuggling up on the couch with a fluffy blanket is something I’m happy to do all year round. Lately, I find myself surrounded by friends and family moving and redecorating and it makes me CRRRAAAAVEE for a home make-over myself. So why not start with the read more »


Even though I completely understand the romanticness of lace, I’ve never been one to wear it (except, of course, for lingerie, but right now I mean ‘normal’ clothing with lace). But while going through all the lookbook outfits of Sheinside, I couldn’t help but falling in love with this lace top. It has the perfect read more »


The day before yesterday, I already showed you the first part of my Sheinside order (the teddy biker indeed <3!) and here’s part two. On Instagram, you guys were already very enthusiastic about it and I must admit I also was very curious to see if this dichromatic scarf would be as good in real read more »