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One of the good things about going on a holiday is that you can shoot outfits whenever and wherever you like, because since you’re a tourist, you’re supposed to take pictures of yourself in the open :’D. That fortunate fact being said, this is me wearing a dress AGAIN. In the last outfit post I read more »


Travels and bad weather delayed the shooting and publishing of this ah-mazing outfit (if I may say so myself) for a while, but here is one of the few outfits featuring me wearing a dress. A while ago I discovered the super cool “Hip Hop, Fashion and Streetwear” webshop DefShop, selling clothes and accessories that read more »


So excited to share this post with you guys! It’s nothing more than some black skinnies, a white shirt, a denim jacket and Conversies, but this is fashion heaven for me. And on top of that, I think these pictures turned out great (which is why there are so many). I’ve told you about my read more »


It’s a shame I had to take two months together in this outfit recap to prevent having nothing to show you guys! BUT, to more or less increase my credibility as a personal style blogger: The first August outfit post is already in the making! Meanwhile, I’d like to show you what I wore in read more »


A year ago, I would never have walked around in Birkenstocks, palm tree printed pants and a white fedora, but I guess al fashion bloggers recognize the speed with which personal style can change. Oh well, you don’t necessarily have to be a fashion blogger to change your style (duh), but when you record what read more »


Can’t believe I waited this long with buying Birkenstock Arizona flip-flops. I was very hesitant at first, because I just couldn’t make up my mind if I thought they’re AWESOMECRAZYCOOL or UGLYASHELL. Since I didn’t manage to make a decision between those two for almost a year, I decided to go-with-the-flow and buy them anyway read more »


Merel says hi from Spain!! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I hope you’ll understand. I’ve finished almost everything I still needed to do for school and right now, I’m typing this in the front yard of my BF’s beach house in Spain. It’s about 30 degrees here and I reeeaaaally need to go read more »


I’m not done yet with showing you guys my birthday presents. My besties gave me black Chucks, but since they were out of stock for a while, I had to be patient. And since patience is my middle name (NOT), I ran to the store immediately after they were restocked. It’s funny, I remember myself read more »


STRIPES AND DUNGAREES ADDICTION | BLACK AND BROWN STRIPED BLOUSE | FRINGED BAG Four looks in one month, it’s still not the quantity I’d like to have, but at least I’ve started to get back on track. It’s a shame that I can’t really wear my not so new anymore summer clothes I bought for read more »


Took some basics from my closet, combined them with golden-olden booties (which look quite cool with rolled up skinnies right?) and added this gorgeous fringed bag I told you about earlier. What else does a girl need? (oh yes, hair elastics around her wrist, obviously.)(Can’t believe I ALWAYS forget to take them off before outfitshooting.) read more »