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It was the usual grey weather (which evolved into really stormy and rainy weather on our last evening), but me and my two besties had an amazing time last weekend during our yearly girls-only-getaway. We either go to the Dutch mini-island called Terschelling in Summer, or (if we can’t make that work) do something fun around read more »

DIARY [WEEK 44 + 45]

No news is good news, so I’m really sorry for my bad blogging habits, but deadlines are over now and I’m back in business. Since I didn’t really keep track of what I was doing, I’m listing all the highlights of the last two weeks in a random photo diary post today. Hope you like read more »


Wow, week 43 was the most unproductive week blogging-wise EVER. I did not post regularly and I did not keep track of my adventures either. There’s a lot to talk about anyway, so here we go! MONDAY, 19TH Luuk and I have our quality-time-kruis-in-de-agenda-day today! Since he has to work a lot this week, we read more »


I think I kinda loved week 42! I don’t say that too often when a week passed by in which I did absolutely nothing about my homework (okay, I did some, but far from enough), but I had good excuses, so take a look! MONDAY, 12TH Yay, it’s Luuk-and-Merel time today! I told you about read more »


The boyfriend and I thought it was about time to invest a little in quality time together. Since my studies are a lot less demanding than last year (yay for my survival!) and his work schedule is extremely relaxed, we should have a lot of spare time to spend with each other. Should have yes, because in reality, read more »


As I said last week, week 41 was all about catching up on school. Therefore, it was not really an exciting week, but I’ve still got some fun pics to share with you, so take a look! MONDAY, 5TH Oh-oh, my parents are coming over for dinner tonight and since it’s been a long time read more »


Week 40 was all about failed attempts at productivity, so you can read all about missed trains, stressful outfitshoots and a lack of concentration today. On the brighter side: I visited the garden center, had drinks with study mates and bought new shoes. Here we go: MONDAY, 28TH As I said last week, I’m trying read more »


Less busy than last week (thank god)(I mean last week was fun, but thank god), but week 39 has certainly not be a boring one. I’m kinda proud of myself for getting back on track with a lot of things and I feel like my hard work is beginning to pay off. I’m not there yet, read more »


Pfffjjjt, week 38 has been a busy one. I’m not really the kind of girl to be busy, so it left me tired, but at the same time it’s good to be out of the house for a change, especially when it’s for fun reasons! Take a look: MONDAY 14TH As promised in my previous read more »


That must be typically me: I finally kept track of what I did last week, but this time I forgot to take photos :’D. As I said in my previous post: week 37 felt like a very unproductive one. Even though I did a lot, I still got this huuuuge to do list which doesn’t read more »