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DIARY [WEEK 35 + 36]

I know, I’ve been changing the lay-out of my diaries ALL THE TIME, but I hope you don’t mind. This is a weird diary anyway, ‘cause I skipped week 34 (which covered my holiday in Turkey – so that one needs way more attention photo wise than to be summarized in a diary) and deal read more »


Think I kind of forgot to take photos this week, haha! Not that surprising though, since it was a quiet and easy-going week, which is exactly how I like it. I worked, spent time with my family and friends, crocheted, blogged and stayed home in my PJ’s #loveit. If you’re not bored already, take a read more »


It’s Monday already, so time for another diary! I’m finally back to regularly-diary-making, so here’s what I did in week 32, enjoy! MONDAY 3TH I do some extensive yarn shopping in the morning and go to my parents afterwards. The weather is hothothot today, so my dad and I go to a small cafe, sit read more »

DIARY [WEEK 30+31]

Okay, after this post, I’m officially back on track with the diaries. Here’s my overview of the rest of week 30 and last week, week 31. Life’s getting back to normal again and I’ve got big plans interior-wise. Take a look! THURSDAY 23TH & FRIDAY 24TH I should make notes during the week, ‘cause I read more »

DIARY [WEEK 29+30]

Haven’t made a proper diary since week 24, so I guess it’s about time! My little Spain getaway and archaeological ‘internship’ (-kinda thing) prevented me from having regular weeks that let themselves be summarized in diaries, but right now, life is back to normal. As are my diaries. For those who missed it, there’s some read more »


I didn’t make as many pictures in Thorikos as I used to, but camera-wise I was very productive on our last evening, shooting pictures of the site and surroundings. I think they turned out really well and perfectly reflect the nicest part of the day, when it’s finally cooling down and you’re able to actually read more »


Still had some last relaxing Spain photos to share. They’re quite random, but I guess they reflect our go-with-the-flow state of mind over there. I maximally enjoyed the white houses everywhere, the wide beach with just a few people around and the long evenings with good food. As you might have seen on Instagram, I’ve read more »


I’ve got the feeling like this is going to be an update post full of me rambling on about everything that comes to my mind. I wanted to post another Spain diary and an in-between-Spain-and-Greece diary and then continue with Greece pics, but life got in my way haha! So now, while sitting in front read more »


Here’s part one of my little Spain diary, where I took a little time off of everything. Didn’t work out completely as I wanted to, ‘cause I still had to work on deadlines in the airplane and couldn’t fully enjoy Spain because of the tiredness (if that’s an actual word), but it was soooooo good read more »


I still owe you last week’s (week 24) diary. I had waaay too many things to do on Sunday eve to prepare this post, but right now (it’s Monday eve when I’m writing this) I’m sitting here with a glass of rose wine, enjoying the fact that I can breathe for two seconds before I read more »