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Today it’s time to laugh a little bit at my expense! And except when your a drop-dead-gorgeous model or something, all fashion bloggers will relate to this, because who doesn’t encounter some hilarious outfit shooting bloopers on their cameras every now and then? Even though we all wanna be stylish and pretty and fashionable and read more »


By now, you guys probably know how much I like photos. I’m taking my DSLR everywhere, even though I almost shoot everything on auto (shame on me, promise I’ll learn more about my camera ONE DAY). Luckily, Delphi is too pretty to even need special camera settings, so when Foto op Canvas asked me to try out read more »


Just some random Spain pics again. They were taken with my DSLR, my BlackBerry and my friend’s Iphone, but the one thing they do have in common is that they breathe ZEN. I mean, beach, palm trees, sunsets, cocktails, Sudokus… couldn’t ask for more (or less, actually). I posted some of these pics on Instagram as read more »


Photos via Flickr by MUHAMMED HILMI HARUN | ILONDRU | ILONDRU Really starting to build up wanderlust here! As I said yesterday, I’m beginning to prepare for Greece and now I don’t know really how it came about, but I suddenly found myself digging into Jenniefromtheblog’s Jennie’s archive to search for the post on her read more »


A little while ago (oops, I looked it up, it was back in July 2014! I guess time flies when you’re having fun) I was totally inspired by this post on Tessa’s blog (Señoritabytessa.weebly.com) and decided to buy a disposable camera myself (this one by Hema). I took it with me on several occassions, forgot read more »


I enjoy making the Snap Shots posts more every time <3. Just as in the previous one, my boyfriend contributed as well, with an amazing sunrise-airplane pic he shot with his phone! (And well actually, the pictures with me in it are also made by him HAHA.) The rest is made up of outfitshoot shots, read more »


Oh mennn, there are so much beautiful and inspiring blogs out there! It’s almost a hobby for me to hunt them down on the internet, because it’s so rewarding to finally find a blog that has the right combination of fashion, photography and travel. I found three (or actually four) amazing new bloggers that I’d read more »


You guys reacted very enthousiastically on the first edition of Snap Shots, so I continued to collect some self made, inspiring, atmospheric photos. Is atmospheric really a translation for sfeervol? Well anyway, enjoy again! And don’t forget to check out my Pinterest account for the most beautiful pics on Merely Merel (and my faves from read more »


I’m introducing this new category on the blog, called Snap Shots. This creates the opportunity for me to share the pictures with you that were taken more or less unintentionally, or that call up some kind of vibe or atmosphere, if you get what I mean. Anyway, see for yourself! Today, I’m having a day read more »


Woohoo, FINALLY. I bought my very own DSLR camera: a Canon EOS 700D with two lenses! Over the past year, my mom let me borrow her Canon 350D, so I had enough time to save up some money for this beauty, which is probably the most expensive thing I ever bought for myself (holiday getaways read more »