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Yayyyy, outfit time again! This actually is the first look I photographed since getting back from Turkey (more than a MONTH ago). I feel like such a bad blogger, but at least I’m working on changing these bad habits, becaaaauuuuuuse Luuk and I decided to schedule some quality “weekend”-time together, my camera included. No, I’m read more »


Took some basics from my closet, combined them with golden-olden booties (which look quite cool with rolled up skinnies right?) and added this gorgeous fringed bag I told you about earlier. What else does a girl need? (oh yes, hair elastics around her wrist, obviously.)(Can’t believe I ALWAYS forget to take them off before outfitshooting.) read more »


My god, I really underestimated my trip to Greece and the wifi availability. So sorry for not posting regularly, but beforehand, I didn’t have enough time to prepare posts and in Greece, the days were too looong and exhausting (and unbelievably amazing, as the pictures will show). Anyhow, I’m back with this outfit shot before read more »


Gotta keep it short today, busy timessss, but here are the blue dungarees from Sheinside I told you about several times before, haha. I’ve been in love with my black dungarees ever since I got my hands on it, so it was about time I got myself a version in blue. There’s just something so read more »


I’ve already worn it close to a million times, but here it finally is: my minty jumper by Primark (the one I bought in grey as well, because it’s just too good, remember?)! Cozy jumper + leggings + sneakers + big scarf is probably my favourite weekendwear. And studywear. And schoolwear. And workwear (if I read more »


As you might have read in my Backstage diary post, I went to Primark for the first time evahhh. Okay, I once shopped at Primark in Birgmingham, but I never payed a visit to one of the stores in The Netherlands. Luckily, it wasn’t that busy, so I managed to look around for a while read more »