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survive quarantine

9 Things I Do To Survive Quarantine

Well, ‘survive’ is a stretch. If you know me even a little bit, you will not be surprised to hear that I am thoroughly enjoying quarantine time. In fact, every lockdown extension the Spanish government issues, fills me with creativity, ideas and possibilities. So much time, so little distractions! Obviously, the causes as well as Read More

wake up early

Why I Wake Up Early in the Morning

Open any book on the topic of productivity, business or financial success and you will find it. Successful people wake up early in the morning. Since I am a morning person, that is music to my ears. Waking up early is a key strategy for succes! Hurray! But why? I listed four reasons why waking Read More

August 16-31: Treat Yo’ Self // Self Care

It’s October already, I know. But the lateness of this post comes with a good reason, because treat yo’ self is a Commandment to think about (find all Twelve Commandments here). I haven’t fully tackled finances yet, so I can’t just go out and treat mah self to all the beauty products, for example. Which, admittedly, was kinda the idea when Read More