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Took some basics from my closet, combined them with golden-olden booties (which look quite cool with rolled up skinnies right?) and added this gorgeous fringed bag I told you about earlier. What else does a girl need? (oh yes, hair elastics around her wrist, obviously.)(Can’t believe I ALWAYS forget to take them off before outfitshooting.) read more »


EARRINGS €9,95 | TOP €19,99 | SUNGLASSES €9,95 | WATCH €19,99 | SHORTS €24,99 | BAG €24,99 | SNEAKERS €19,99 Festival season is officially here! We Dutchies already had the chance to attend two national free festivals (Kingsday and Liberation Day) so I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t wait to celebrate read more »