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Well, I think I’ve got this serious stripes and dungarees addiction going on, haha! After all, dungarees have proved to be my favorite Winter (and now Spring) uniform, but I especially like them combined with something striped. Find the exact Winter/black equivalent of this look here, haha. Before leaving for Greece, I sprinted through H&M read more »


Outfit posts are back again! Photography-wise, March hitherto hasn’t been what I wanted it to be, but here we go after all with a brand new outfit. Or… brand new, not really. The only item you haven’t seen before is the duo scarf. Still, since it has quickly made its way into my collection of daily read more »


Gotta keep it short today, busy timessss, but here are the blue dungarees from Sheinside I told you about several times before, haha. I’ve been in love with my black dungarees ever since I got my hands on it, so it was about time I got myself a version in blue. There’s just something so read more »


Even though I completely understand the romanticness of lace, I’ve never been one to wear it (except, of course, for lingerie, but right now I mean ‘normal’ clothing with lace). But while going through all the lookbook outfits of Sheinside, I couldn’t help but falling in love with this lace top. It has the perfect read more »


I already showed you collages and pictures of it, but here’s my baby in real life; my burgundy jacket! On the Sheinside webshop, there were no photos of fashionbloggers wearing this jacket, so I was pretty nervous about how it would look like, but isn’t it fab? I think I wouldn’t wear it during Christmas read more »


The day before yesterday, I already showed you the first part of my Sheinside order (the teddy biker indeed <3!) and here’s part two. On Instagram, you guys were already very enthusiastic about it and I must admit I also was very curious to see if this dichromatic scarf would be as good in real read more »


This burgundy teddy biker jacket; I had it on my wishlist for aaages. I only talked about it in a diary and a Sheinside wishlist post here, but secretly, I had it in mind way earlier as a substitute for my teddy biker by H&M. Now I finally have it hanging in my coat-closet, which read more »


It’s all about the layers. That’s probably what I thought while checking out this Sheinside order (with the bf’s creditcard that is, sorry not sorry). And this is not even all… As I said yesterday: I’m gonna return halve, for real. There were just too many fun things that I really wanna see in real read more »


Some call it mustard, but I’d like to introduce the new term of ocher yellow, because doesn’t sound something with yellow in it much happier and sunnier than something grose-looking-food-related? Well, who cares about the name of colours, I hear you think, but here’s the point: ocher yellow is going to be my new baby read more »


SUNNIES €14,95 Modemusthaves | TRENCH COAT €23,24 Sheinside | WALLET €14,99 Sacha | BOOTIES €96,35 Dolce Vita | LONG SLEEVE €25,- Topshop | EARRINGS €7,99 Sacha | JEANS €39,99 H&M This cognac coloured trench coat has been on my wishlist for ages now and then I discovered these B-E-A-UTIFULL booties at Dolce Vita (which are read more »