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O.M.G., remember this post from April last year? Exactly, here it is, that beautiful €200,- H&M suede jacket. I’m the luckiest bastard on earth, ‘cause my colleague bought it secondhand (but completely new!) on Marktplaats for only €50,- and since she doesn’t like the fit, she sold it to ME. To me! Happiest girl ever! read more »


I already showed you collages and pictures of it, but here’s my baby in real life; my burgundy jacket! On the Sheinside webshop, there were no photos of fashionbloggers wearing this jacket, so I was pretty nervous about how it would look like, but isn’t it fab? I think I wouldn’t wear it during Christmas read more »


After spotting this fab look-a-like-suède fringed dress I was totally into fringes again. I mean, how cool is this Pocahontas dress with v-neck front ánd back? It comes in black too, but for once, I think I like the brown one better… and the best part: it’s only €20,-! Can’t wait for summer to come read more »