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I didn’t make as many pictures in Thorikos as I used to, but camera-wise I was very productive on our last evening, shooting pictures of the site and surroundings. I think they turned out really well and perfectly reflect the nicest part of the day, when it’s finally cooling down and you’re able to actually read more »


Kind of lost for words, since privately things aren’t going that well. I’m still in Greece, considering the option to take an earlier flight (I planned to leave coming Sunday), but I think I just need a good night of sleep so I can think straight again tomorrow. In the meantime, I’d love to share read more »


Yesterday was the last day of the archaeological campaign, which means we’re flying back home today. Of course, we’re all pretty saaaaddd (very much sad, indeed) to leave our beloved Velatouri (and each other!), but after three weeks of hard work, sweat, blisters, dirt and mosquito bites, I’m also quite ready to go home too. read more »


I already quickly showed you Thorikos’ ancient theatre (here), but since it is a special one (verrry old), it deserves some more pictures. Because it isn’t quite a tourist attraction (yet?), we’re able to have dinner in the theatre almost every night, being the only human beings within a thousand miles, haha. It’s such an read more »


When you have only one day off – after working your ass off for six days in a row (from six o’clock in the morning!) – it takes a lot of courage to decide to go to a hot and crowded city like Athens free willy (Dunglish for voluntarily). We agreed to take things easy read more »


On our second (and last) free Sunday, we went to Athensssss! Careful readers know I went to Athens in April as well (or well, you don’t really need to be a careful reader for that, I posted Athens-pictures here, here, and here, to link just a few =p). It was really, really good to be read more »


Physically, the archaeological campaign is INTENSE. So at night, we’re just too tired to go out and party. Instead, we eat ice cream in Lavrion, the small village nearby Thorikos. There’s an a-maaa-zing Italian ice cream shop (is that a word?) over there and we really feel obliged to try every taste. And the best read more »


We spent our first free sunday partly at home (toast for breakfast, enjoying wifi at the café) and partly at Sounion, a village closeby, famous for its amazing Poseidon temple. The temple is situated on a peninsula and is almost completely surrounded by the sea. For those who aren’t into Greek mythology that much: Poseidon read more »


It’s quite the climb, but when you finally reach the top of the Velatouri, this is your reward: an amazing view at the peninsula and the sea. This just never ever gets boring. And did you notice how blue the water is? We dive into it almost every day after work. Oh and yes, I read more »


A few days ago, we did a little sightseeing tour on the Velatouri, to check out all the already excavated parts of the ancient city. In ancient times, Thorikos was a mining city, and it was inhabited for a long period of time. That’s why there’s a lot of material already found and a lot read more »