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An archaeological excavation isn’t done randomly. Before starting to dig, one must survey parts of the site, looking out for ancient material -mostly ceramic sherds- on the surface. Our team is busy surveying the surface of the Velatouri, but since this is a very time consuming thing, only half of it is done by now. read more »


I love my new camera! Of course I took it with me to Thorikos and I’m trying to use it everyday. Ofcourse, I mainly photograph the archeaological finds (which I’m not allowed to show you, buhh), but a few days ago I shot these lovely pics of some Greek dogs following us around in the read more »


Early mornings here in Thorikos! My alarm goes off at five o’clock in the morning and we work from 06:00 until 13:00, because in the afternoon it’s just way too hot. Nevertheless, our first days here were already pretty amazing. The photo above was taken just before leaving home, at sunrise. We stay in a read more »


While you’re reading this, I probably already arrived in Athens (my flight left at 5am, yawn), picked up a rental car with a friend and drove to Thorikos; an ancient Greek city in the south of Attica. Today, it’s called Lavrion (or Laurium, since the Romans), but a lot of ancient Thorikos, situated mostly on read more »