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I didn’t make as many pictures in Thorikos as I used to, but camera-wise I was very productive on our last evening, shooting pictures of the site and surroundings. I think they turned out really well and perfectly reflect the nicest part of the day, when it’s finally cooling down and you’re able to actually read more »


Kind of lost for words, since privately things aren’t going that well. I’m still in Greece, considering the option to take an earlier flight (I planned to leave coming Sunday), but I think I just need a good night of sleep so I can think straight again tomorrow. In the meantime, I’d love to share read more »


While you’re reading this, I probably already arrived in Athens (my flight left at 5am, yawn), picked up a rental car with a friend and drove to Thorikos; an ancient Greek city in the south of Attica. Today, it’s called Lavrion (or Laurium, since the Romans), but a lot of ancient Thorikos, situated mostly on read more »