Winter in Holland

I’ve always said that if I can’t find a job after school and my career turns out to be a flop (chances are high), I’d start a knit store. I’d be knitting scarfs and blankets and pillow covers aaaall day, selling them online to those who love handmade craftmanship as much as I do. Dream on, I hear you think, and I must admit that it’s a bit of a silly only-joking kinda wish of mine, but LOOK AT WHAT Anouk van der Laan (Go Dutchies!) did! She managed to found her own knitting BRAND for knitted scarfs, blankets and pillow covers (and more) and runs her own KNIT STORE. Her present collection is full of the most brilliant ombre-gradiant-“silent-colour-clashes” and I just wanna have it all (or better: I wanna knit it all myself too). So to those of you who don’t believe it’s possible to make money knitting, think again (and go knit your ass off). And for those of you who only like to watch others do the hard knitwork, check out Winter in Holland (I took the above pics from there) and especially the Lookbook.

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